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We’re a generation completely suffocated by debt–burdened monthly for the next 75 years by something we’ve already done. Therefore, we’re obsessed with escaping. We need something to let the stress out. And if you’re anything like me–-it’s heroin. No, I’m kidding–-it’s Nature.

Tumblrs and Twitters. Blogs and vlogs. Countless accounts with thousands of followers solely dedicated to feeding the hunger for our escapism. Daily I embark on an envy-filled, palm-sweating, internet-scrolling journey–wishing I could break away long enough to jog through a quiet temperate forest; no thought of my boss’ face, let alone wifi service.

There are a couple ways you can actually get away—

1. If you’re in America, log onto The National Park Service website and click “Find a Park”. If you think you’re too far away from nature, think again. The National Park Service cares for 405 national parks, 582 natural landmarks and 2,461 historic landmarks, for a grand total of 84 million majestic United States national park acres.  If you’re in California, it has now become even easier.  February saw the premiere of Caliparks, a one-stop shop for all your California park needs.  Either way–chances are there’s something nearby. Take a Saturday fishing trip, reserve a campsite or go on a hike. You’ll feel better. There’s beautiful solace in reminding yourself of the bigger picture: Life’s not all deadlines, dinero and death marches.

2. Garden. Whether you have your own backyard or a local community garden or your Mom’s friend has a flowerbed that needs some love–go get your hands in the dirt. Give time back to the Earth. Focusing literally on bettering your environment is extremely releasing and rewarding. And if you’re looking to really rack up that karma–there are a slew of non-profit organizations throughout the country that need volunteers to garden. From removing invasive plant species in the canyons of California (TreePeople) to planting trees in the streets of West Philadelphia (TreePhilly).

3. If you can’t do either of those aforementioned things–buy a plant. Any plant. An article out of the University of Vermont showed that plants in homes and workplaces help reduce stress and increase productivity. The positive effects of having something green in your immediate space are alarming–plant transpiration literally cools the temperature of the room, adds a comfortable level of humidity to the space and can remove mold and bacteria in the air by 50-60%.  Another study out of Oslo, Norway showed that inhabitant physical health had improved by recording dramatic reductions in ailments–like sore throat, cough, fatigue and headache.

There’s always time to restore yourself with the mighty healing powers of nature. Seriously! Plenty of studies (The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, UC Davis and World Leisure Journal, to name a few) prove the positive effects of green space and natural scenery.  Nature reduces depression, reduces stress and promotes overall better health. So go and get your share of Vitamin D.

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