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This issue’s Fo’ Sho & Tell contributor is Andrew Peterson from Portland, OR.  All images/poetry are his.  If you want more of Andrew, check out ndrwptrsn.tumblr.com, and if you’d like to contribute to future Fo’ Sho & Tell’s, with your art, poetry, joke, insight, photo, etc., please email us at lonermagazineonline@gmail.com.

the early worm

remember not to
forget that

its never too late
to be


they say

you are what you eat,
but I don’t remember
eating any
fragile human beings


How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

in my seemingly never-ending quest to find something that resembles a ‘life purpose’ i have exposed myself to a small, but informative, sliver of ‘life’ and some of the ways it can be lived. so far, my experience has been a mixed bag, largely dominated by disappointment and regret with sporadic moments of bliss and joy. nevertheless, i often feel like i don’t get it – mostly because, i think, that’s what everyone else seems to be feeling, or at least that’s what it feels like they are feeling. i’m getting older with every passing second and i fear that when i do, finally, figure out what my ‘purpose’ is i will have wasted a substantial part of my ‘life’ just trying to figure it out. maybe i’m already a failure.

in trying to make sense of this issue, which, i sense, is relatively – if not utterly – common, i have now, as in right this moment, turned to words – the ones you are reading – to, in as few as possible, share what i’ve learned:

give up.