Loner Magazine - Youth


This boy is amazing. I didn’t come. Neither did he, but he is fucking beautiful.
His body reminds me of what it is to be 20 again.
14 years flew by and handed me all kinds of shit. Good times too, like this one.
He just fucked me and I didn’t come, but I never come with strangers.
My face is in the sun, my body in the hands of a younger guy.
I’m drunk and it’s 4.30 in the afternoon.
His scent lingers on my t-shirt long after he leaves. I smell it over and over.

Josefine Petersén is an original Swede, the daughter of an artist and a drummer. She currently ponders the meaning of heat in the City of Angels, alongside her cat Weeza. IKEA feels like home, when home seems far away (is something Josefine would never admit to). She’s fond of Thai food, her friends and the show Friends. More of her writings can be found on this blog: https://beingjosefine.wordpress.com